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Digital Resume Studio


At the heart of D.R.S. lies our state-of-the-art studio, a vibrant hub where creativity meets technology. Our studio is more than just a workspace; it's a collaborative arena where ideas are nurtured, visions are brought to life, and digital identities are sculpted to perfection. Equipped with cutting-edge tools and a team of seasoned professionals, our studio is where your digital journey begins and transforms.


Here, every project is approached with a bespoke mindset, ensuring tailor-made solutions that resonate with your unique brand essence. From initial brainstorming sessions to final design iterations, our studio is dedicated to crafting digital experiences that not only stand out but also tell a compelling story. At D.R.S., we believe in the power of collaboration, innovation, and meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that your digital presence is not just seen but also felt and remembered.


Zain Aamer, the visionary founder and Chief Innovation Officer of The DR Studio, has revolutionized the intersection of creativity and technology. Known as "Zain The Facilitator," his expertise spans across empowering businesses, pioneering digital branding strategies, and fostering entrepreneurial success. His journey from a tech enthusiast to a leading figure in digital innovation exemplifies commitment to excellence and a passion for creating lasting impacts in the digital world.

Founder & Chief Innovation Officer & Head of Business Development

Zain Aamer

***Under Contstruction***

Director of Operations &
Information Technology

Minam Ulhaq

Meet Harris, our Senior Sales Manager at The DR Studio. A Pakistani-American entrepreneur with a diverse background in marketing, sales, IT, and customer service, Harris embodies the spirit of leadership and innovation. Moving to America to provide a comfortable life for his family back in Pakistan, he has shown remarkable dedication and resilience. With excellent communication, relationship-building skills, and a natural talent for inspiring those around him, Harris is not just a team member; he's a cornerstone of our future growth and the embodiment of our values in action.

Senior Sales and Development Manager

Harris Qaisar Awan

With over 25 years of experience, Naveeda is the backbone of D.R.S.'s accounting department. Her meticulous attention to detail and vast expertise ensure the company's financial operations run seamlessly, supporting the team in delivering exceptional service.

Director of Accounting &


Naveeda Owaise

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